Kaltura Launches New Mobile SDK Service for Smoother Playback

Video tech company Kaltura, known for helping media companies and operators transform their services to Cloud TV, is launching a new mobile SDK service to help customers like Beeline/Vimpelcon provide faster, smoother playback for mobile devices regardless of their level of internet connectivity. To combat typical issues like play failures and boost flexibility for service providers, it will also include HEVC support, real-time analytics, as well as multiple ad solutions support including Facebook Audience Network.

Ron Yekitiel

“The enhanced Cloud TV Platform SDK improves Quality of Experience (QoE) issues caused by slow load times, which is considered a primary churn motivator,” Kantura CEO Ron Yekutiel tells Cynopsis. “The new capability monitors internet connectivity data at the network level in addition to device and player-level data and improves playback start time performance – increasing user satisfaction.” Who will find it the most suitable?“The new capability is relevant to any TV service provider who is keen to improve their users’ QoE, in particular during challenging peak hours, when the service faces high-levels of concurrent viewers,” says Yekutiel. “The solution is also designed to  address emerging markets which may have slower mobile network connections.” 

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