Vice President of Legal & Business Affairs

Much like medieval knights, our Legal and Business Affairs team protects the livelihood of the kingdom. We’re the forgers of iron-clad contracts,

overseers of content production and defenders of intellectual property rights. Given the competitive nature of our industry,

collaboration and attention to detail are traits we highly prize, and you should value and match those attributes.

Also, you should have a POV and enjoy staying tuned in to new commercial developments.

THE ROLE: Vice President of Legal & Business Affairs

The Business Affairs team in the Los Angeles office is looking for a Vice President of Legal & Business

Affairs to draft and negotiate agreements relating to the development, licensing, and/or production of

scripted programming (with particular emphasis on series) for A+E Studios, as well as all networks within the A+E Networks portfolio.


Vice President of Legal & Business Affairs:

  • Negotiate, draft and finalize a variety of agreements relating to scripted programming, including, but not limited to, development and option/purchase agreements,  above-the-line talent agreements, and production, and co-production agreements., .
  • With other L&BA team members, create and maintain form templates to be used interdepartmentally to ensure all business and legal affairs documents remain consistent and meet evolving business needs and goals.
  • Provide business guidance on production and programming issues to executives and client groups  
  • Maintain relationships with both internal and external clients, as well as counterparts at other studios and networks and with members of the representation community to remain current with the latest industry trends and our competition’s positions to assist in maintaining strong negotiation lev