Sales Assistant

Have you ever wondered how television commercials get to your TV? Or about the strategy behind which commercials air on which networks and why? If you ever had an interest in advertising sales this could be the perfect fit for you!

The Sales Assistant position at RIDE TV is the entry level role to get you on the path to becoming an Account Executive within media sales. Sales Assistants provide sales support to Account Executives and Sales Planners.


  • Establish strong business relationships and act as a liaison with advertising agency counterparts and internal departments including Direct Response, Traffic, Marketing and Accounting.

2. Respond to all client requests in a timely manner (flighting, revisions, allocations, etc.).
3. Execute all client orders insuring that they are in approved weekly programming and compliant with all client requirements.
4. Handle program and commercial changes and issue change notices to clients.
5. Work with Account Executive and the Marketing department on promotional assets, material deadlines, and approvals.
6. Work closely with operations to schedule promotional assets.
7. Reconcile billing discrepancies with agencies and Accounting department.
8. Perform other tasks as directed by manager