Art Director

Retro Studios
Founded in 1998, Retro Studios is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nintendo Company, Ltd.  Retro is a state-of-the-art game development studio, working in conjunction with Nintendo to bring award-winning games to Nintendo’s cutting-edge next-generation platforms.  Retro Studios is located in beautiful Austin, Texas. With rolling hills, scenic waterways, abundant wildlife, vibrant music and film scenes, and a laid-back cosmopolitan culture, Austin is a dynamic city with an excellent quality of life.  Austin’s sunny weather also supports a great range of outdoor activities, providing plenty of venues for top-notch game developers to recharge and unwind. 


  • Directs art developed both internally and by third parties.
  • Acts as a liaison between Art Team and Parent Company to support effective and consistent communication.
  • Collaborates with Tech Art, Design, Engineering and Art teams to make recommendations and decisions regarding overall art vision.
  • Leads and mentors managers and artists and serves as internal art critic, to achieve quality targets.
  • Evaluates, hires, and assigns talent for all art disciplines.
  • Builds and maintains effective art team structure
  • Provides clear written and illustrated guidelines that communicate art vision to both internal and external teams
  • Sets artistic vision and provides feedback and direction to further that vision
  • Works with Development Team to make sure art priorities are effectively defined and processes meet both artistic and scheduling goals.
  • Proposes cohesive and holistic solutions to problems.
  • Provides day to day artistic feedback and mentorship of individual contributors and leads
  • Handles performance evaluations, bonus reviews, career growth plans, and any necessary disciplinary plans for direct reports
  • Makes recommendations for promotions for individuals within team
  • Responsible for having 1-1 meetings to understand career goals for individuals in group
  • Provides recommendations to Development and Studio Management Groups regarding long-term strategic planning, and shaping and cultivating studio culture.

*This job description outlines primary duties and requirements and is not intended to identify all tasks that may be performed; individuals occupying the position may be required to perform other duties.  The company may modify job duties from time to time, either in practice or in writing.

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