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The Media & Public Relations e-Learning Center offers you and your team a convenient platform to gain essential, real-world knowledge on the most relevant topics, including web analytics, reading TV ratings, multi-platform advertising, social media marketing and media relations. These courses, from the team behind Cynopsis, Folio and PR News, and taught by industry subject matter experts, allow you to test your knowledge, challenge your assumptions and give you new ideas and strategies to elevate your brand while positioning yourself as a leader.

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PR & Marketing

crisis-management New!
 Social Media Hot Shots: Leveraging Snapchat, Instagram Direct...
Learn how to get started on Snapchat and Instagram Direct, do’s and don’ts and real-world case studies of brands adapting to trends in visual content sharing. Get the inside scoop on how online audiences are increasingly preferring to share and receive visual content with controlled lists of followers.
Cost: $249.00 | Enroll Now


crisis-management New!
 How to Use Twitter and Vine to Create Engagement for Your Brand
Learn the latest methods in developing content on Twitter and Vine, and, more importantly, how to use the two platforms in tandem to create a communications strategy that draws attention and inspires engagement for your brand.
Cost: $249.00 | Enroll Now


crisis-management New!
 Your Crisis Management Plan: From Development to Execution
Learn how to develop a crisis management plan that fits your business, using social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter as your first lines of communication in a crisis, and assessing and repairing the damage.
Cost: $249.00 | Enroll Now


google-120 All Things Google: What You Need to Know Now as a Communicator
Learn how to use Google for PR, from search engine optimization and Google+ to Google AdWords and Google Analytics.
Cost: $249.00 | Enroll Now


Visual StorytellingHow to Make the Leap to Visual Storytelling for Your PR Initiatives
Learn how to express your brand’s story and PR messages through visuals and how to take your text-based storytelling PR skills and make the leap to visual storytelling. Cost: $249.00 | Enroll Now


press-release-120wHow to Write Press Releases that Get Found in Web Searches and Opened in Email Inboxes
Learn how to craft press releases that are optimized for Google searches and meet the needs of the journalists and influencers who matter most in your market. Cost: $249.00 | Enroll Now


pinterest-course-120wPinterest Power: How to Drive the Bottom Line With Visual Communications
Learn how to develop and curate content for Pinterest users that tells your brand’s story and encourages others to share your ideas—and drives the bottom line. Gain tools to communicate your brand in a visual way that inspires your audience.  Cost: $249.00 | Enroll Now 

media-pitching-120wPitching the Media: How to Cut Through the Clutter
Get real-world tactics and practical examples of how to connect with overburdened journalists and influencers.
Cost: $249.00 | Enroll Now


seo-course-120wSEO Tactics to Increase the Visibility and Shareability of Your PR Content
Become the SEO Expert at Your Organization! You’ll leave this workshop with the skills to lift your messages to the top of search results and be the SEO expert for your organization. Cost: $349.00 | Enroll Now



mobile-path-course120wChoosing Your Mobile Path: How to Build a Strategic Game Plan
Learn about a comprehensive and detailed approach to building a strategic plan that encompasses every aspect of bringing your brand to the mobile platform. Cost: $249.00 | Enroll Now


mobile-advertising-120wMobile Advertising – New Ideas That Go Way Beyond Display
In this fast-paced session you will review a host of jaw-dropping ad products specifically designed for tablets and mobile that are not only engagement-magnets, but also bringing in new business. Cost: $249 | Enroll Now 

relaunch-mobile-course-120wRelaunching Your Top Products on a Mobile Platform: Email and Newsletters
A step-by-step tutorial on transitioning your newsletter and email products and marketing to a mobile-first design. Cost: $249 | Enroll Now


relaunch-mobile-course-120wEverything You Always Wanted to Know About Reading & Understanding the TV Ratings
Whether you’ve been working in TV for 5 years or 5 months, a deep dive into how to read and understand ratings is indispensable. Cost: $249 | Enroll Now


relaunch-mobile-course-120wIt’s a Multi, Multi, Multi-Platform World
The nexus of TV, web & mobile programming proves that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. If you’re not maximizing cross-platform advertising opportunities, you’re leaving money on the table. Cost: $249 | Enroll Now

relaunch-mobile-course-120wUntangling & Interpreting Web Analytics
Everybody’s talking about web analytics and what they tell us about content. So here’s your hit-the-ground-running primer.
Cost: $249 | Enroll Now


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