A Different Kind of Reality Show

Season two of The Marijuana Show launched July 8 on Amazon, iTunes and Google Play, with Ganjapreneurs accessing over $13 million in funding for their Cannabis business ideas. Co-creators and hosts Wendy Robbins and Karen Paull talk about taking the leap into a new reality TV category – and doing it their way. Cynopsis: Did […]

Kevin Smith and Andy Signore: Fun With Digital

By David Teich You may know Kevin Smith as the director of comedies like Clerks, Chasing Amy and Dogma, or as the “Bob” half of the Jay and Silent Bob pairing. But lately, thanks to a partnership with the digital production company and multi-channel network Defy Media, he’s been complementing his big-screen efforts with a […]

It’s Not Facebook Live, It’s Live TV

By Jason George, CEO, Telescope, Inc. With the advent of Facebook Live, we as technology providers have found ourselves at a crucial inflection point within the content creation ecosystem. Content owners now have the technology and means to make professional content and see it distributed on a worldwide scale across a platform with a user […]

Playing Games for Good

By Susanna Pollack According to the Entertainment Software Association, 155 million Americans play video games – but for some, it goes beyond simple fun. Susanna Pollack, President of Games for Change, talks about how games are being used as a tool for social good. Globally, we spend 3 billion hours gaming each week, according to […]

TV Producers: Strength in Numbers

Two years after the formation of the Non-Fiction Producers Association, longtime media exec and general manager of the NPA John Ford talks about the state of the industry for producers in an increasingly OTT world. Cynopsis: Why was the NPA created? John Ford: The NPA – which is the first professional body representing the non-fiction […]

Scoring a Few Golden Eggs From Your Digital Video Goose

By Giles Goodwin, CEO of Flite  Unless you’ve been on extended sabbatical, you’ve undoubtedly read countless articles portraying digital video as more or less the Holy Grail of digital publishing. Without a doubt, mobile and video are no longer distinct, discrete strategies per se, but rather must be integral to everything you do. Just examining […]

Putting Data First

By David Teich In 2014, MDC Partners launched Assembly, a media agency built on sophisticated planning and buying capabilities. It’s safe to say that at Assembly, data and technology are at the center of things. And in April, the company brought on a new hire to help – as the company put it – “elevat[e] […]

Ready, Set…Summer!

With season 8 of American Ninja Warrior underway on NBC, executive producer Arthur Smith of A Smith & Co. talked to Cynopsis about the keys to a successful summer series. Cynopsis: Do the elements of a successful summer series different from what makes a regular season series work? Arthur Smith: All successful series must carry […]

Should Broadcast Raise the Bar?

Former CBS executive Jim McKairnes teaches and writes about Media. He lives in Los Angeles and Nashville.   “Why is so much of television so bad? I’ve heard many answers: demands of advertisers, competition for ever higher ratings, the needs always to attract a mass audience, the high cost of programs, the insatiable appetite for […]