Game Trailer of the Week: Sundered

Leveraging the beauty of hand-drawn art, Thunder Lotus Games offered fans its first good look at the upcoming tutle Sundered, described as “a darkly atmospheric hand-drawn action-horror game” that will be released on PlayStation 4, Windows, Mac and Linux in 2017. Sundered will make its public debut this week at TwitchCon 2016 with a playable […]

Trailer of the Week: Gears of War 4

It’s a whole new saga for the Gears of War franchise in more ways than one as JD Fenix and company face a monstrous new enemy. Meanwhile, Gears of War 4 hits stores worldwide on October 11 on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC, blazing new trails as a Xbox Play Anywhere title.

Trailer of the Week: Horizon Zero Dawn

Spark up the 4K for this new trailer from PlayStation and Guerilla Games. Upcoming title Horizon Zero Dawn blends a lush environment with primitive tribes and futuristic tech in the upcoming game, which is set to be released on Feb. 28, 2017.

Trailer of the Week: Friday the 13th: The Game

Don’t watch if you have a weak stomach as Gun Media Home Video and IllFonic released the new trailer at PAX West for the upcoming Friday the 13th: The Game. The collection of brutal kills from iconic horror movie villain Jason scored headlines around the country for its violence and delivers a plethora of ways […]

Trailer of the Week: Zombies in Spaceland

Activision is giving Call of Duty a blast from the past, with the introduction of the add on Zombies in Spaceland. Paying homage to the 80s and following a horror director with stereotypes from the decade’s movies, the game breakdances on zombie butt amid a space-themed amusement park. The games is anchored by the voices […]

Arkane Preys Upon Alien DNA

Arkane Studios unleashed the first gameplay trailer for Prey, serving up a psychological twist to the title as your space station comes under attack. Blending the first-person sci-fi action with a heavy dash of nightmare material, the trailer looks to provoke restlessness before its release in 2017.

PlayStation VR offers room with a view

Sony shored up anticipation for PlayStation VR with this week’s trailer that “transports you to a new world of unexpected gaming experiences” with peeks at the likes of Farpoint, PlayStation VR Worlds, and RIGS Mechanized Combat League. Meanwhile, Polygon spotted that the space requirement for PlayStation VR is a suggested 9.8 feet by 6.2 feet, […]

Sonic’s Newest Run

Sonic hits the big 25 and SEGA took advantage of Comic-Con to showcase its upcoming titles Sonic Mania and the untitled original game for release on console and PC in 2017. While Sonic Mania pays tribute to the earlier games as a 2D platform game, the trailer for the other game takes it to a […]

Batman – The Telltale Series pays homage to comics.

Telltale unveiled the world premiere trailer for Batman – The Telltale Series, with the first of five episodes in the season available digitally worldwide starting Aug. 2. Rendered to look like a “living, breathing comic book,” players enter the fractured psyche of Bruce Wayne and make choices and discoveries “that will shatter Bruce Wayne’s world, […]